J-Chief is a rap artist, musician, song writer, producer and a poet, who has been performing and making music from a young age, his style of music is Hip Hop with a real life and Gospel message. During his journey he has collaborated and worked with various artists, musicians, producers and singers, which has brought him to the release of his first LP A New Beginning his second LP , Anointing To The Streets, his third LP, Feel Good Vibe, his 2 EPs Just a preview and Unity Movement, and has gone on to release more such as An Insight, A Moment Of Freeness and his Latest one called Your Time To Escape, altogether J-Chief has a catalogue of 8 projects solo and collaborative.

Through his music he believes in encouraging individuals to not give up on what they want to achieve in life. He talks about things he has been through, how he got through it, and relevant issues that happen today within our society. He also speaks about his faith being a Christian his main aim is to set a good example and to uplift people with his music, he reflects this message at various events and festivals where he has performed such as Summer of Love festival, Bermondsey Carnival, Mint Street Music Festival, King Stock Music Festival and Formation Festival. J-Chief has also appeared on various radio stations such as Tropical FM, K2K Radio,Don City Radio ABN Radio Fubar radio, Locked Online Radio and Rough Tempo Radio. On these stations he has took part in Hip Hop and Drum and Bass cyphers and has been on to be interviewed and do his own freestyle session.